What SoCliq help you do?

Streamline the logistics

An interactive map based interface lets you streamline your entire process from allocation you dispatch and from scheduling to tracking a delivery. It enables you locate your workforce on the map in real time.

Communicate seamlessly

SoCliq comes with an integrated 2-way notification which can be used to serve and update your customers about their delivery at regular intervals and manage your mobileworkforce efficiently with instant updates.

Take data driven decisions

Analytics and graphical report feature available within the dashboard helps you monitor performance of the workforce. Data can be used for decision making to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

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Professionals & Businesses of All Types Use SoCliq

Pickup & Delivery

  • - Courier Service
  • - Laundry Service
  • - Field Service
  • - Grocery Delivery
  • - Food Delivery

Beauty Services

  • - Make Up Artist
  • - Wedding Stylist
  • - Manicurist
  • - Hair Stylist
  • - Aesthetician

Repair Services

  • - Electrical Works
  • - Computer Repair
  • - Appliances Repair
  • - Plumbing Repair
  • - Auto Repair

Home Services

  • - Home Cleaning
  • - Landscaping
  • - Maid Service
  • - Alarm & Security
  • - Personal Organizer

Health and Well Being

  • - Yoga Instructor
  • - Personal Trainer
  • - Family Physician
  • - Alternative Healing
  • - Massage Therapist

SoCliq pricing

No commitment, no hidden charges and no complications; simple and transparent pricing. Your business is unique and our pricing structure is flexible. Let's get started

Free Trial

Membership Limit 14 days

Test drive our platform with our free 14 days trial.

  • - Allowed 1 driver.
  • - Allowed 20 Task.
  • - NO SMS Features
  • - With Push Broadcast
Standard Plan

Membership Limit 1 year

Enjoy our best selling plan. The Standard Plan has everything you need to run your business, offering end to end solution for pickup and delivery, tracking deliveries and so much more. Track up to 10 drivers using our realtime tracking app and divide them into teams based on location, function etc

  • - Allowed 10 driver.
  • - Allowed 500 Task.
  • - With SMS Features
  • - With Push Broadcast
Premium Plan

Membership Limit 1 year

This is our unlimited access plan. Enjoy unlimited app and sms notifications, unlimited driver tracking, unlimited tasks assignments and dedicated customer service support. This plan is recommended if you are ready to take your business to the next level

  • - Allowed unlimited driver.
  • - Allowed unlimited Task.
  • - With SMS Features
  • - With Push Broadcast